Finding travel guidance online and in print

Guide books are a critical piece of the travel industry. Like most publications, many travel guides are being moved online, making more content available for readers to find on their phones and computers rather than book stores and libraries. However, in this niche of the publishing world, there is a difference between printed information and posted information. Online travel guides provide quick information about where to stay, what do to, and how to make the most of a limited budget or time window on a trip; guide books provide more in-depth knowledge about specific places. This gap between the two sources ensure that online and in-print travel guides will not compete with each other, but rather complement each other. This is a unique dynamic as most current publications are being replaced by their online companions. Guide books, instead, are expanding to occupy both digital and print publications, not just moving away from print toward digital ones.


One thought on “Finding travel guidance online and in print

  1. awebb8 February 14, 2015 / 7:01 pm

    I am currently researching travel blogs and I had to share with you two of my favorites that I found last week. One is called 12 hours and another is the traveling light. Both are really well known in their industry, though it isn’t print, they still aim high. When i was reading your post about the research that you have come across, I had no idea that travel guidance was so popular as it is online as it is in print. It’s really easy to walk into any book store and find a book about any of the places you are going to travel to that include helpful tips too. I think that a future trend for traveling print is that it is going to continue to grow and move more to online publications, rather than print. It’s cheaper and more easily available to everyone.
    Ashlynn Webb



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