Creating a Digital Portfolio

Having a portfolio is almost entirely necessary for any creative freelancer- whether they be of art or writing. A portfolio provides writers the opportunity to showcase their best work for anyone interested or looking to hire. Many writers spend time developing their own websites to use as portfolios; posting links to their publications, summaries, ISBNs, and anything else that provides insight into the writer’s interests, style, and skills. But of course, if there is some sort of unsatisfied need, the internet can and will satisfy. Dozens of websites now exist for writers to create their own online portfolios and show off their work. Writers no longer need basic aptitude in HTML to create a portfolio; they can simply sign in with an email address and get to work. Websites like contently and make it extraordinarily easy for freelancers or anyone who writes to show off their work from various websites. These websites also allow you to customize the look of your portfolio and link it to your own personal website. So take a look and start creating!

Contently: Tell Great Stories – portfolio for journalists, bloggers, and writers 

An article comparing several digital portfolio options.


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