Self Publishing?

When starting out in the creative writing field, most authors want their work published with a renowned publishing company, so that they may actually make some money. While the life of a writer is already ever so glamorous (with people always asking you “What are you doing with your life?” or “How are you ever going to make money?”), publishing is a big deal. All one has to do to realize how difficult it is to get a novel published is to head over to google. Besides the people telling you it will never happen, other authors telling you it will never happen, and then the publishing adds that all want at least $400 (which we already don’t have because we are writers), publishing in todays world is no small feat. But it is the 21st century, so there has to be an easier way. Right?

Self- Publishing is a term that I have been hearing for awhile now, but wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. The idea of publishing a novel on your own, that you have already done all the work to write, is less than appealing, but Amazon thinks otherwise. They advertise “Create, publish and distribute your book for free.” Along with their promised ease and speed, Amazon says that you can “Earn high royalties: Set your list price and receive industry-leading royalties.”  Then they load the signup page with success stories from authors that have self published with Amazon, which don’t sound half bad: They are authors that are making money. That is great.

Even with it’s acclaimed easiness and success, there has been some drama associated with Amazon’s self-publishing. Some authors are pulling their books from the site and bookstores are refusing to carry the novels published with Amazon. Barnes and Noble said it will not carry any of the novels self-published on Amazon, but this dispute might have deeper roots in Barnes and Noble losing sales due to’s popularity. B&N even teamed up with Google in an attempt to compete with Amazon:  “Google and Barnes & Noble are joining forces to tackle their mutual rival Amazon, zeroing in on a service that Amazon has long dominated: the fast, cheap delivery of books.”


Amazon Self Publishing:

Barnes and Nobles teams up with Google:

Interesting Blog Post about publishing:


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