The Interactive Factor of Digital Publishing

With the rise of digital publishing, companies and authors now have more options in how they want to promote and sponsor their content. An arising trend in the publishing world is to make literature more interactive. In several online reading mediums readers now have the ability to actively engage with the content by either posting  a reply, or a link, or image, or video. Publishing is now more than words, it has expanded into all kinds of content. Now publishers have more options in how they want to publish and consumers have more options in how they want to consume their content. Furthermore, the incorporation of social media into almost every industry has also impacted the world of publishing. Social media increases the interactive nature of digital publishing by providing the opportunity for companies to employ big data. In turn employing big data enables publishers to better predict what consumers want, why certain books enjoy significant more success than others, and which marketing strategies are more effective for different kinds of audiences. Regardless which side of the story one is on, now everyone has a voice in this interactive age.

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