21st Century Publishing: Trends + Future Speculation

Current publishing trends embody the data-driven, technological age of the 21st century. Some speculators suspect that the printed-book will–potentially in our lifetime–become a thing of the past. George Lossius, CEO at Publishing Technology, has expressed his optimism about the evolving publishing market. Lossius brings forward the reemergence of “format first,” the trend where books and text are first released on mobile devices like phones, tablets, and e-readers. This pattern should bolster sales in the e-book market. Lossius and many other players in the publishing industry are willing and capable of adapting to the new digital age.

On the other hand, certain niches within the publishing community are being hit particularly hard. The Washington Post, for example, is famous for its in depth investigative journalism. The Post puts in money and resources to uncover and produce important stories. Now, any number of websites have the ability to summarize the Post’s stories and offer them for free. It is very difficult for print and subscription business like The Washington Post to be competitive now. New innovation hopes to provide answers to problems facing The Post and many other news type publications in the form of subcompact publishing. Essentially, subcompact publishing refers to a method of publishing primarily text based articles for specific audiences, via mobile devices on a weekly basis. The key behind this type of publishing is usability and convenience.

It is difficult to say which sectors of publication will become entirely digital, if any at all. It is clear that certain niches of publishing are more impacted by the trends of the digital world.





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