Fashion Journalism: Trends + Future Speculation

Words have become one of the most fashionable accessories you can have.  They set the trends, give us the inside scoop, and so much more.  The world of fashion journalism is vastly expanding in this new digital age.  Formally, it is known as writing about the textile industry.  Some examples of this include News stories, feature articles, reviews, analyses, business reports, consumer reports and „eye candy‟ articles.  These examples set the standard for how our society dresses and acts.

In this new digital age, fashion journalists are now having to adapt to a new form of writing style and format.  We see examples of this through Youtube, blogging, Instagram, and Facebook.  People of all ages are able to build fashion empires from the confines of their bedroom.   All it takes is a camera, a computer, and a new idea.  The question arises on how the Fashion publishing world is affected when an eleven year old can become a fashion icon overnight without any form of structure or degree.  What makes the information credible to follow?





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