The Future Of Blogging

How many people do you think blog? Maybe over a million people? Do you think blogging will stay or fade away in the next couple of years? In my Social Media book that I purchased, it says that over 181 million people, of the 6.7 billion people worldwide, have a blog and use it on a regular basis. These blogging platforms are made user-friendly. Meaning that almost anyone whom has a computer would be able to blog about anything they wanted. Blogs are also intended to be easy to comprehend or understand. There is not a lot of need to put big fancy words in long essays, like what you do in English class. Blogs are a way to see a different view of a certain subject. You can see a view from someone who is pro-immigration, or even someone who is anti-immigration. These different opinions are what make us individuals.
But what about the future of blogs? I personally think that blogs will be around for at least another 10 years, or even longer! The only way I can see blogs fading into the background, much like Myspace did, is that if something better comes along, but that is very doubtful. There isn’t any other place where you can see so many different views of a particular subject. When you read a newspaper you can hear a little bit of bias in the tone of the story. The words they choose tend to lead the story to be either positive or negative, not that they do this on purpose, depending on the information. That is where blogging comes into play. Blogging shows the world that you do not have to have some big, fancy degree to write. And that’s why I think blogging isn’t going anywhere, any time soon.
Here is a video that I found of the CEO of Twitter talking about the future of blogging as a medium.


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