Popular Trends In Blogs

Blogs over the years have changed pretty dramatically from what I have read and observed. Blogs started out as online diaries and later took a turn towards the business world. Businesses use blogging to help get news and information to the public faster than normal television or print would. Now blogs have changed again and that change was for the better. Blogs have transformed into something that’s completely new and the trends are changing. Today’s current trends seem to revolve around food, fashion, and do it yourself blogs. Today’s top blog on WordPress is called Cute Puppy Love, which features a lot of popular topics from the new Budweiser commercial to news in the United Kingdom, and of course animals. This blog is just one of the many top blogs on WordPress.


One thing that is really cool to see are the different types of fashion blogs there are on the Internet. One blog that I particularly love, called extrapetite.com, is a fashion blog for anyone that is petite and has hard time finding work clothes to fit their small frame. Jean, the author, set out to start a blog that would provide “styling ideas and shopping information with a focus on professional women” with a petite frame. Her blog has grown to become very popular on Pinterest and Twitter.  On the other hand, you have people like Jacqueline Kooser, running a blog set to inspire young women to dress for themselves and not others. Jacqueline’s blog is called Welcome to my Walk-in. It is cute and creative in its own way, much like Jean’s. These are just two of the top current trends in Blogs today. I have included some links to blogs that are popular on the internet, and they are different from the ones I mentioned.

Baking blog: Bakerella.com, Lazygirlvegan.com, and Foodbloggeronadiet.com

A DIY blog: Cremedelacraft.com, Theinspiredroom.net, and Thepaintedhive.net


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