Nature Journal

During my research into medical publications, I came across an especially interesting publication. A scientific journal called Nature publishes current research in a variety of scientific fields including environmental science, physical science, chemistry, and physics. What is most attractive about this publication is that it’s current event articles are written for someone with only a basic knowledge of the field–perfect for a biomed major just getting into the material.

The specific article I read is entitled “Emergency Back-up for Lung Repair,” and it’s about the use of stem cells to repair damaged lung tissue. It’s admirable that someone with a vast knowledge of a scientific topic can explain complicated ideas in layperson terms. This type of simplified scientific writing can only be accomplished by someone who truly understands the concepts. It is extremely useful to biomedical majors interested in the current directions of science to be able to read about new research and understand it. Scientific abstracts on OneSearch had discouraged me from really looking into cutting edge research; I never thought I could possible understand it. But it’s possible with this new source, and, additionally, as I gain more knowledge I can read more field-specific articles. Another perk of Nature is that it contains research material that possesses varying degrees of science jargon. This publication would be a nice fit in my research paper, and it is one of the finest delivery systems for scientific information that I have come across.



One thought on “Nature Journal

  1. rebekahjoy94 February 12, 2015 / 2:28 am

    Nature is indeed one of the highest acclaimed scientific journals. Along with the journal Science and the journal Cell, Nature is a highly regarded peer-reviewed journal. However, I did not know that they had a current events section written for a more lay-person audience. If you are looking for easier reads to keep up on science, maybe you should check out Scientific American or Popular Science! Or I found this website that is science news aimed for the student audience:


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