Self Publishing Prospects

I have mentioned this in a previous post that self publishing is the term on everyones lips in the literary market. It is a term I am becoming acquainted with, whether or not that is a good thing I do not know, but it is a thing, and I predict that there will be a movement toward this field of publishing.

Even though there is a lot of backlash coming from major retailers, the rewards to self publishing in todays market when things need to be at the touch of finger, or click of a mouse, Amazon’s self publishing in their ebook format has many perks.

I believe that self publishing will grow, especially in the online market for ebooks, and I think it will become a platform for major publishers to find really good writers that they want for themselves.

As an aspiring writer, self publishing might become an option for me in the future and it is a truly terrifying prospect.

Click the photo to read: “Is it true that self-publishing means rubbish publishing”

What do you think about self publishing?

Will it become a huge thing in the upcoming years? Or do you think major publishers will continue to try to shut it out?


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2 thoughts on “Self Publishing Prospects

  1. awebb8 February 14, 2015 / 9:16 pm

    Self publishing can be the hardest thing and you support your argument very well and even presenting evidence for your paper and I really hope I get the chance to read it! I feel that in the world of blogging its even harder to work as a blogger and get paid for it but in the print or digital wold of just publishing you can actually make a better living. Having so many options as a publisher is amazing and welcoming to have and Amazon make it even easier, as you said, for you to write a book. I think self publishing is going to grow and stay growing. I do not think there will be any declines because people will most always want to be able to write about topics they like. I don’t think that major publishers see’s it as a threat to thing because thats were they make their money but I don’t think they will continue to be able to shutting it down and keeping it form the lime light.
    Ashlynn Webb


  2. daydreambeliever95 February 15, 2015 / 4:20 am

    There are undoubtably many benefits to self-publishing. It is easy, cheap and fast. I love the concept and I love how many more opportunities are now provided for authors. But there are also some drawbacks to it. The biggest one, I think, is the sheer amount of books being published now. Anyone can get their books published through self-publishing, and I think that can make it more difficult to find the good books written by budding new authors. Also, with Amazon lowering it’s royalties for self-published authors, I am wondering if maybe royalties might start to go down across the board.


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