Social media has become a popular with journalists, though people don’t necessarily trust it

With the boom of social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, the concept of news reporting has also changed drastically. In the past, having information before someone else meant that an entire article could be written up on the topic, and the only way to get that information was to read the newspaper where that reporter’s article was written. Now, with social media, information can travel so much faster than it used to, and it’s led to a change in the field of journalism.

Overall, most journalists are ok with moving to social media and being more active on these websites, though there are some dissenters.

Journalists and Social Media

(taken from

So, journalists enjoy being on social media, and many of them have acquired a decent following on these sites.

Journalists on Social Media(taken from

Despite the growing popularity and enjoyment of journalists on social media, the majority of people feel that this new type of new deliverance of information isn’t reliable.

Social Media Trust


(taken from

It’s a very slight majority at 51%, and though I have nothing but speculation to go off of, I would guess that the number would have a downward trend if it was measured from year to year. People are becoming more and more comfortable with technology, and as that continues, so will acceptance of technological innovations, such as using Twitter and Facebook for the reporting of news.

For people in the field, these trends mean that it’s best to get on social media, but establish a reputation as accurate and reliable by consistently fact checking and being hesitant before hitting the “Send” button on a Tweet or Facebook post.





3 thoughts on “Social media has become a popular with journalists, though people don’t necessarily trust it

  1. jesslangone February 5, 2015 / 5:50 am

    I agree with you that people will become more comfortable with technology, and nowadays it is almost required to be on social media if you are a journalist, but I don’t think comfortably with technology will make people less skeptical when reading news online. I think there will always be hesitation to believe something you see online unless there are credible sources linked with the piece. I think it is interesting that your second graph says “because journalists do less or no fact checking.” This is a crazy thing to think about! What does this statement say about the field of journalism?

    Getting our news from social media is a new form of receiving news, but it is very widely accepted in recent years, and I do believe sites like twitter make it possible to link to articles that will have credible news sources and fact checking. I get the majority of my news from twitter, following news blogs and politicians. That is also an interesting question to bring up: how does this platform give non-journalists a voice in the news scene?


  2. Allison Miehl February 6, 2015 / 1:50 am

    I think it’s so interesting that people believe that journalists do less or no fact checking. In my journalism class, we are learning about the importance of fact-checking and accuracy, and I think it’s just as important now as it ever was. Now that anyone can report on current events (thanks to social media), journalists face more pressure than ever to make sure that their information is correct so that readers know that they can trust their news sources. So even if people believe that journalists are slacking in the fact-checking area, rest assured that at least our generation of journalists is still learning to report the news with trustworthy information.


  3. allenrowan2015 February 18, 2015 / 1:54 am

    As much as it pains me to say, I think social media has had a negative impact on the way journalists are viewed. Social media is hardly ever a reliable news source, as they’re often scams or rumors or just altogether false. So naturally, people are skeptical when it comes to reading articles on twitter or facebook. They turn to actual newspapers or go to reputable websites to get information instead. I think it’s going to take a while for journalists to gain a good reputation on social media, it seems.


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