International Children’s Digital Library

As eBooks are rising in popularity, some organizations are striving to find innovative ways touse technology to promote education. One such organization that I have come across in my research is the International Children’s Digital Library (link below). They have a colorful, inviting website with books and stories from all over the world, in many different languages.

I read an interesting article on this site by June Cummins, assistant professor of English and Comparative Literature at San Diego State University. She described their research and innovation process for improving the website and the rotating team of six to eleven year olds that provide input through cooperative inquiry, contextual inquiry, and participatory design in what the organization has dubbed “sticky note sessions”. I’ve attached the link to her article here.

Although this organization still possess a lot of room for growth, I think this may be a crucial concept for the future of libraries and for spreading literacy across the globe. Of course, there are drawbacks. Many areas that need to achieve improvement in areas of literacy also do not have wide access to the internet. But I think that this site takes a step in the right direction.

Link to site here

Screen shot of ICDL website
Screen shot of ICDL website

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