How to Choose the Best Cover for Your E-Book

I stumbled upon this article today which focuses on the presentation of your e-book, rather than the actual content. Of course writing style and the story itself are important factors to consider when writing anything for publication. Many people are so satisfied with their stories that they don’t give much thought to the book cover. This has the potential to be a very costly mistake.

Think about it. Aren’t covers the first thing that draw you to a book, whether in person or online? The drawback to e-books, of course, is that the interested buyer often doesn’t have the opportunity to flip through the book before purchasing it. The cover style is more important than ever in this system of delivery, and the following article takes a look at what does and does not work, based on the Top 100 Kindle bestsellers.

Things to Consider:
1. Icon size. Many Kindle descriptions are accompanied by a small thumbnail picture of the book cover, which can be expanded to a slightly larger photo if it is clicked. Is the font readable in both the icon and expanded versions of the book cover photo?
2. If the text IS too small, consider using different covers for physical books (the ones you can buy at a store) and e-books.
3. If the book cover is highly recognizable (Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, etc.), you can find success without changing your cover.
4. Consider the font used, as well as the texture of the physical book (raised lettering, etc.). Will these translate well to the e-book?

In short, consider how the most popular attention-grabbers for traditional book covers may or may not be adaptable to e-book photos. When designing your cover, choose something that is easily read and grabs the buyers attention.


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