Cruisin’ for Music


I recently got the chance to sit down with a fellow blogger and talk to her about her experiences and thoughts on the world of publishing via blog. I talked to her about the blog she started because of school but later turned into a passion of hers. She blogs about music as much as you can because she loves it. She loves to take the time unruly think about what she is writing and the audience that she is writing to is the key. She’s aiming at other music lovers and really loves to try think just like them.  She’s also aiming to other college student like herself to really spread her love for writing.  Her blogs ‘Cruisin’ for Music’ is a defining part of her career but she didn’t feel that it could be a job. I asked her a couple of questions regarding the publishing industry of blogging but I’m gong to keep those for my paper. It was a wonderful experience to interview her for the music publishing industry, though I would have loved to talk to an expert. I agree that music is becoming a growing publication field in the blogging world. I cannot wait to see what other research I come across in either by, interviewing fellow bloggers or by researching on the web.

Ashlynn Webb


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