Fashion is the Passion


When I was doing my research to see popular tends I found fashion is one of top ranking according to a study. With over 3,380,000, Fashion is the 2nd top category for blog topics. I really think that fashion is an industry that can do anything in the publishing world. They have magazines, universities, degrees and books. Literally they have everything you can possibly think of. As I’ve heard my friend says. “fashion runs the world,” and I think it really does. Even if you not into fashion you can always find yourself picking up the latest magazine or newspaper to see whats in style, and what not. On Tumblr, you can find publishing sites just on what Taylor Swift was wearing in a music video, in New York or even at a show she preformed. There is something for everyone. When looking for popular fashion blogs I came across a very interesting one called They are the Independent Fashion Bloggers. They publish news that relates to the world of fashion, and even give their fellow readers blogging tips.

Ashlynn Webb



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