KDL Kid’s Book Creator

I was acquainted with an interesting program during my research called Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Kid’s Books Creator. (Listen to an interesting podcast interview on the subject here.) It is a program similar to iBooks author, but aimed more towards children’s authors interesting in self-publishing a picture book. The program allows an author to edit and arrange their book page by page or upload a pdf, as well as upload directly to Amazon when they are finished. The biggest draw of this program, as opposed to iBooks author, is its compatibility with both Macs and PCs. It also offers landscape publishing design, to give the book more of a traditional picture book feel, as well as pop-up texts to enlarge text or add additional details. The biggest drawback of the program right now is its inability to incorporate audio, but this is rumored to be in the works already.

I think self-publication is the future of the publication industry, especially in the realm of children’s picture books.

Printing prices for picture books at Dog Ear Publishing
Printing prices for picture books at Dog Ear Publishing

Printing picture books is incredibly expensive, but self-publishing online eliminates printing cost, allowing funds to be allocated to other expenses such as editing, illustrations or marketing. The children’s book market is one of the fastest growing book market’s on Amazon (according to statistics cited in the podcast). Online publishing eliminates the mostly costly aspect of picture books and allows more authors to participate in this lucrative, quickly growing field.


2 thoughts on “KDL Kid’s Book Creator

  1. chadprom February 15, 2015 / 7:08 pm

    I agree, self-publication is going to come to make up a very large portion of the publication industry. Kindle Direct Publishing sounds like a resource that will expedite the process. I am curious to see if this tool will change the amount of children’s/picture books published in the kindle market soon. It sounds extremely convenient, not to mention the fact that it is compatible with both Mac and PC.


  2. Jasmine Ly February 16, 2015 / 3:23 am

    This is such a cool resource! Although I’m not personally interested in publishing my own children’s book (at least not yet) I can definitely see how useful this tool is for those who are. I was already familiar with Kindle Direct Publishing’s ebook publishing program, but this assists an entirely different genre of ebook writers: those who want to publish picture books. Amazon is really working hard to give every writer the opportunity to publish their own books. I hope they do end up incorporating audio into the program, it would create an entirely different experience for the reader and for the writer as well. I could also see them taking it a step further and making them interactive to touch, like an ebook-game-app of sorts, allowing kids to further engage in their reading.


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