Learning by Doing; Publishing Fields

My 21st century report has focused on publishing in the field of economics. Publishing in economics allows for a broad range of ideas and complexity depending on whether something is being published in a peer-reviewed economic journal, an economic blog, or a current economic magazine. Unfortunately, many writers who publish in economics are not undergraduate students, but instead graduates and often times economists with more advanced education than a bachelor’s degree. However, in conducting my research I stumbled upon a genre of publication in economics that I had been in the dark about: undergraduate journals in economics. This publishing fields presents young students with passion for the topic an opportunity to have publishing experience under their belt as an undergraduate.

A survey conducted by students at Illinois Wesleyan University, USA revealed that about 70% of economics departments in the country require some sort of writing in their curriculum. These students believe that “there would be even more high quality work if students had more opportunities to share their work.” Consequently students support two economics journals, The Park Place Economist and Undergraduate Economic Review. The first of the two journals was created in 1993 and only publishes work from IWU students. The second of the journals is published online and accepts submissions from any undergraduate student, regardless of university affiliation. The following link provides an example of a student’s work from the University of Virginia.


A brief look at the student’s publication will confirm the level of insight and standards that are required to be a part of the Undergraduate Economic Review. Ultimately, it is refreshing to see undergraduate students with the opportunity to publish in a very competitive field.

Source; Journal of College Teaching and Learning, Leekley, Robert, yr: 2013 vol:10 iss:2 pg:105-112


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