Wait but Why?

An online blog I’ve been following for the past few months, Wait but Why is a “content website” controlled by author Tim Urban, and Editor Andrew Finn. More often that not i find myself glued to the computer screen reading article after mind blowing article, and I keep coming back for more. The author approaches every topic with humor, crudely drawn stick figures, and his opinions on topics that remain relatively unscathed in casual conversation. A blog brimming with articles spanning science, creationism, theology, and a hell of a lot of research, he makes valid points and follows rational arguments in his topics.

Now this had been the first blog I’ve ever been truly engrossed in, but it gave me perhaps an alternate perspective. The blog appeared really informal, Urban talks to his readers with a familiarity that gave me the impression I really knew this guy after his third article. Moreover the blog is just him writing, so the tone lacks the conversational context I’d anticipated. Lastly the theme the blog itself seems so unpredictable, that the diversity of previous posts has in no way set any sort of precedent from which to expect from the upcoming articles.

The result has projected the author, in a genuinely organic fashion, into writing and publishing. It appears to be an excellent example of how to enter a competitive market, especially as Urban’s following grows more everyday. Definitely worth a read if you’ve got the time!




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