Food bloggers gather in real life

Blogging has become a huge part of food journalism and food writing in general. It obviously has its benefits, some of which being that bloggers can write from the comfort of their own homes (or hometowns) and that anyone can start a blog without an application process or any qualifications.

But what if you’re a more serious blogger looking to network with other food writers? What if sitting on your couch in your pajamas and writing about what you had for lunch doesn’t offer enough excitement for you? The answer: food blogging conferences.

Organizations hold conferences for food bloggers of every type, in major cities and smaller towns. Travel to the Seeds & Chips Conference in Milan, Italy if you’re looking for a huge adventure, or stay in Orlando for the Food and Wine Conference if that fits your wallet a little better.

Conferences are great places to make connections and learn about your field, and the experience can even provide more material for you to write about. As food blogging continues to grow, I can only predict that food blogger conferences will grow at an equally rapid pace. Plus, could you imagine the hors d’oeuvres at a food blogger conference?


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