Celtx – Perhaps the Greatest Thing Ever for Film People

Nowadays, there are lot of ways that people can use digital tools and platforms to help them with their creative content. Programs like Microsoft Word and various websites provide formatting options and other helpful things to ease writers through the publishing process. We see this all the time without even thinking about it. Websites allow for users to make their own web pages, stylish ones at that, without ever having to know HTML or however that works. Just look at WordPress, or other blogging sites, that do all the formatting for us. All we have to do is insert our text in the appropriate spaces.

When doing research for my film writing report, I wondered if there were programs like this that would help with the screenwriting process. Turns out there are plenty. I found a website, however, that does much more than that, and frankly I’m amazed. It’s called Celtx, and it’s an online studio that organizes and stores any and all documents related to filmmaking in one place. Not only does it format your scripts, it allows you to create storyboards, budgets, schedules, shot lists, cast and crew reports, and much more. Just as handy, all documents can instantly be shared with team members, allowing for some serious collaboration. The scriptwriting feature is free, as is viewing and commenting on documents, and the rest costs money (standard at $9.99 per month, premium at $19.99 per month). Users can get a free 15-day trial for the standard level.

This software is amazing to me. The potential for increased productivity and digital convenience seems through the roof.  What may be some benefits for creating and storing all of these documents online, in ready-made formats that are designed for easy use? Are there any drawbacks?


https://www.celtx.com/index.html (check this out!)



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