Education to Become a Film Critic

My report is on writing for film, and this is something I’d really like to do in the future, as a film critic, journalist, or something like that. I’m not a film major, or even a minor, but I’m (currently) a dual English / Writing and Rhetoric major. so I was thinking about the necessary education to write about film. Do you need a film degree? This is applicable to my report, and to my personal goals as well.

I did some research and found a really helpful article about how education plays a role in film criticism. Up front, it said that there is no exact degree or standards required for the job. This wasn’t surprising to me, and I figured as much. If you have the talent, and a love of movies, you can find success. Posting reviews on your own website or large reviewing sites are a good way to get started.

What I really liked about the article, though, was that it detailed specifically how education can help you write about film. Coursework in English, journalism, broadcasting or communication can be very significant. It can provide an edge for employment over those who don’t have that school experience. Still, experience is one of the most crucial aspects. You can get this experience through your school by participating in school publications, where you can get feedback on your work. From there, it could possibly lead to an internship.

Further, studying film can help you become active in the industry. It can provide valuable understanding of film and the arts, which is very helpful when writing film reviews. Employers may value people with a degree in film studies, because it shows you have a deeper knowledge of film. The article also touched on on-the-job training, where you may start with an entry level position at a newspaper or publication. This may not be film criticism at first, but apparently it’s also part of your education.

Basically, a film degree isn’t required by any means to be a film critic. However, education is still very important, and there are a number of ways to get that education outside a strict film program.



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