YouTubers share info online and in print

Thanks to the interconnectedness of the Internet, people are able to share more content and connect with more people than ever before. YouTubers are a prime example of a group of people who utilize these powers of sharing and connection with huge audiences. In recent years, it’s become trendy for YouTubers to branch out beyond videos and venture into another medium: books.

Some YouTubers write books as extensions of their channels. For example, makeup guru and entrepreneur Michelle Phan published a book in 2014 about beauty and personal success. Others write books completely unrelated to their channels and use their fanbase to ensure their book’s success.

So instead of moving from print to digital, it would appear that the trend is reversing and online content creators are beginning to shift back to writing for printed books. Rather than shifting from print to digital, YouTubers are expanding their horizons and delivering information to their subscribers in tangible and intangible forms.



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