Audio Books:Silently Sweeping the Publishing Market

It may seem unheard of that the fastest growing publications are not the ones that you can see.

Over the past ten years, audiobook popularity has been one of the fastest growing ways of publishing there is, according to

The boom began as listening devices began diversifying. With the accessibility of your tape player, to your cd player, to your mp3 device, and now to ipods and iphones, it is easier than ever to run to the Harry Potter series.

Although, some demographics suggest that these listeners would be more likely to be listening to something like American Sniper. Although the debate still rages on as to whether or not listening to books holds the same benefits as reading them, studies show that the people that enjoy audiobooks are the ones that enjoy books already. Many of them are college educated, and have a higher income than many that do not read or listen to audiobooks.

In addition to this market that already exists, 23% of audiobook listeners are younger people. People between the ages of eighteen and twenty four. So what that means is that this quickly growing industry not only has a current market, but one that very well may continue to grow with the next generation.


One thought on “Audio Books:Silently Sweeping the Publishing Market

  1. courtneycalderon February 19, 2015 / 9:25 pm

    Audiobooks have always intrigued me, yet I’ve never actually read one. For some odd reason, they intimidate me. I feel obligated to listen. I often zone out while reading and then return back after 20 seconds of existential thought. Can I do that when I listen to an audiobook? Do I have to pause if I feel a moment of distraction coming on?

    With that being said, I can completely see the merits behind it. I think it’s a great way to get the pleasure of consuming a story during times when you wouldn’t be able to actually read. As you stated though, I do think most of the people who listen to audiobooks are those who are avid readers. I think the market will continue to grow, especially considering how fast the market for all audio files is growing. Maybe someday soon I will get over my fear of audiobooks and add to the growth.


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