Children’s Literature: Timeless

When you look back at your childhood, a plethora of memories flood your mind. For many, we look back at specific items that hold happy feelings such as movies, stuffed animals, favorite costumes, and of course, books. Unlike some of the items, children’s books can be timeless. The Winnie the Pooh series, The Chronicles of NarniaGoodnight Moon, and my personal favorite series, Junie B. Jones. These were some of the best memories, reading all these classic stories over and over again. I still have most of them and hope one day to pass them onto someone else. These books developed my imagination and inspired me to want to write. I know I can’t be the only one who realizes that falling in love with literature can start at such a young age.

“Children’s books are never just for children” is a great article that I stumbled upon at the beginning of the week. The author, SF Said, makes a compelling point that, “It’s striking how long children’s books can last. One explanation may be the way in which they’re read. They become part of our emotional autobiographies, acquiring associations and memories, more like music than prose.” We are sentimental beings with attachments to many material items, books are no different, in fact I think they are even more special. The article continues with another great point, “Another explanation may lie in the fact that children’s books are designed with re-reading in mind. For all children’s writers are conscious that our books may be re-read by children themselves.” Kids often re-read because they love the story and enjoy experiencing the same pleasant feelings over and over again, just like children’s movies. I cannot begin to count how many times I re-watched the movie Dumbo, all I know is it got to the point where my father had to hide it from me. But unlike the movies, my parents never took away my Junie B. Jones books, no matter how many times I re-read them.

Children’s books are timeless. They can be re-read by children, forgotten and then picked back up as an adult, and then re-read by the adult to the new generation of children. Reading for children is still a learning experience with the added bonus of fun and imagination. Many of the books we read as children, we will want to pass down and have our own kids, nieces, nephews, god-children experience the same books. Even with the amount of new books being written and published, I know I will still enjoy reading the books I read as a child, hopefully continuing to make children’s literature timeless.




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