Council for the Advancement of Science Writing: Overview of Science Publishing

For anyone writing on the topic of science journalism, this website has loads of relevant information. For starters, the site is credible, as it is composed of a “panel of distinguished journalists, science communications specialists and scientists” and has “received the prestigious Public Service Award of the National Science Board.” The National Science Board is apparently the advisory board to the President and to Congress on matters of science, according to the website. From all this information, I gather that this site is a credible source.
The useful information found on this site begins with an easy-to-use layout that poses questions like “Who are science writers?” and “What do science writers do?” These questions are then answered in a concise format with the use of short paragraphs and bullet points. One section that I found especially useful outlines the skills needed to become a science writer, including a college degree, passion for the topic, and experience in both science and journalism. But, even more importantly than that, this website describes the different types of science journalism in a clear way. This clear description has been especially useful to my paper because my paper is an effective overview of science publishing. Overall, the site explains in an understandable manner, all in one place, the basics of science journalism. It’s a very useful source that is worth a look-over.


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