Nonprofits That Have Made a Name for Themselves in the Publishing World


In an industry full of best-sellers, award-winning magazines and critically acclaimed bloggers, it’s hard to make a dent. Most authors looking to get published don’t have the chance to see their work succeed. When it comes to nonprofit organizations, the same issues tend to arise.

Many of these organizations have a lot of newsworthy things to say, but the public rarely has the chance to see their written word. However, as marketing has found its way into the budgets of nonprofits all around the world, we are beginning to see these names pop up more often in publications of their own creation. I think it will be very interesting to see where the future of this industry goes, especially considering the fact that some of the publications we know and love are actually considered nonprofit organizations that need to rely on tax-deductible donations to stay afloat.

An example of a nonprofit that is making a dent in the publishing world is HRC, or the Human Rights Campaign. Not only does this organization produce and publish countless educational materials, it also has a quarterly magazine entitled Equality. This is an open publication and is free with an HRC membership. This magazine is still delivered to hundreds of thousands of people four times a year, even though it is also available in full online.

With publications like this one still surviving in a dog-eat-dog industry, I have hope that nonprofits will continue to produce these kinds of published materials that will also function as marketing tools.



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