Positive Technological Development

As many others have stated, digital publishing is the way of the future (and arguably the present). But some authors plan to use this technology to better the lives of their young audiences and those around them. A concept is being developed called “Positive Technological Development” that aims to promote positive character traits to children through digital media. This program does not teach digital literacy, but rather uses a digital platform to promote caring, contribution, character and connection. While it sounds like this program is still in it’s early stages, a statement from the article I found sounded very promising: “The Positive Technological Development framework (PTD) is a natural extension of the computer literacy and the technological fluency movements that have influenced the world of education. However, it adds psychosocial, civic, and ethical components to the cognitive ones, which have a strong presence in the disciplines that study human development.”

I would really like to see this program take off. Digital literacy is becoming an increasingly important skill, and using that skill to promote good character and life skills is an important resource to take advantage of.


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