Reporting in a Digital Age

There is something about reading the newspaper while drinking the morning cup of coffee that is just so iconic in American culture. The truth is though, that image is fading at an alarming rate. People today are caring less and less about that hard copy and moving to the internet as the source of most of their news.

Print newsrooms are continuing to shed jobs at a high rate, confirming many people’s assumption that print is dying. Sites like BuzzFeed and Huffington Post are moving into the reporting market and are supplanting these once media giants. In October of 2013, Yahoo hired New York Times columnist David Pogue; just one example of the mass migration being made from print to digital in the job market. In 2011, BuzzFeed had around half a dozen editorial employees and as of 2013 it had 170. Bleacher Report now has more than 50 paid writers working for them. These numbers are signs that the digital reporting market is booming and that the future of the market is digital.


One thought on “Reporting in a Digital Age

  1. alyssabrady February 21, 2015 / 3:00 am

    Every morning, my grandparents get up, eat breakfast, drink their coffee and read the mornign paper. I don’t think they could imagine starting their day doing anything else but that is all changing.
    Newspapers and magazines are slowly disappearing and everything is evolving onto online publications. What ever will my grandparents read while they are drinking their morning cup of coffee? Good thing they are young, hip grandparents that have iPhones and tablets.
    Even if they weren’t hip, they would have to switch to online publications and eventually, everyone will have to make the switch.
    BuzzFeed is a great organization but I don’t know if I would actually consider them news. They are really just funny articles and viral videos but they aren’t hard news.Although this is not a hard news company, I would love to work for them.


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