Science as Inspiration

Science is the natural source of inspiration for science fiction, and it is an interesting source. Still, science can be hard to draw inspiration for some. Michael Crichton, famed science fiction author and writer of Jurassic Park, notes in an interview that he does not know where his ideas come from. Crichton notes that books do not just stem from one idea, but many ideas. He goes on to state, “an idea by itself isn’t worth much until you do the work necessary to get it down on paper.” This quote specifically stands out to me because Crichton characteristically does an exhausting amount of research for each book that he writes. The good inspiration–the real inspiration that sprouts into influential and original works like those published by Crichton–is hard to come by. This type of inspiration requires thorough research and comes to the writer gradually as he or she researches and writes. Crichton’s interesting point of view of the subject diminishes the old idea of a lightbulb suddenly going off in one’s head.


One thought on “Science as Inspiration

  1. davinadhani March 2, 2015 / 6:09 pm

    I like how you comment on Crichton dispelling the light bulb moment idea. I think that while this does happen for some people, for the majority of people writing and developing a truly good story is about getting through the dirty work. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of research and profuse editing, especially when we look at writers who are so successful because of what is perceived as one good idea. I respect Crichton for being so honest about it.


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