Social Media: What Exactly is Happening

Whether we as writers want to acknowledge it or not, the simple fact is that technology has taken a firm hold on the publishing world and one of the major components that has emerged is social media. While we don’t really think about it on a daily basis, social media has become a major part of the publishing world, especially sports journalism.

Simply go out on Twitter and start searching for popular journalists and what you quickly discover is that most, if not all, are present on the social media site. Study done by Oklahoma State professors interviewed 12 sports journalists from around the country that were all well established in the field and all 12 admitted to having a Twitter account that they actively used for work.

Now, with the rise of social media and its impact on journalism, there is certainly speculation as to what effect it is actually having. There are critics that believe that information posted on social media is not as accurate and possibly corrupts the integrity of journalism because of the nature of social media and striving to be the first on Twitter with a certain story. Even though it has its critics, it cannot be denied that social media is evolving the field of journalism by making information more readily available to a wider audience in a shorter time and it is our jobs to respond to this.


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