The Rise of Micro-Publishing

Micro-publishing has become more of a trend these past couple years. It’s not new, but it certainly hasn’t always been the most well-known form of publication. For some reason, it has recently become a little more mainstream. Now, what exactly is micro-publishing?
Micro-publishing refers to either the publisher and/or the length of the publication. Pieces tend to be shorter in length. Micro-publishing, however, also means that everyone has the potential to be a publisher. It does not necessarily mean they will be successful, but they have the potential to be. Micro-publishing is cheaper and less stressful than self-publishing or traditional publishing. Due to their short length, micro-published pieces are easier to steadily produce than full-length books. It causes less anxiety for the writer, as there is less content required. It also makes it easier for the writer to target a specific audience. When getting something traditionally published, the writer has to aim to please the masses. But when it comes to micro-publishing, the writer can pick a certain audience and aim their content specifically at them.
Micro-publishing also covers a wide range of genres, formats, and styles. This provides ample opportunities for writers of different kinds to publish their pieces. They don’t have to worry about pleasing everyone, because they get to pick who it is they’re trying to please. They also get to dictate the production and marketing of the piece.
Due to advancements in technology and so on, micro-publishing is also more readily available to those who wish to pursue it. Micro-publishing is primarily digital, and most publishers are online, so obviously they rely on the growing field of technology.
Overall, micro-publishing is a more easily attainable goal for those who are just entering the publishing world. Using it, writers have the ability to cover any topic they want and target whatever audience they want. Due to the fairly low amount of stress it causes, it’s also a realistic and logical first choice.



One thought on “The Rise of Micro-Publishing

  1. stephaniebaur February 19, 2015 / 4:54 am

    From your blog post I was reminded of micro-casting. Instead of Broadcasting (in television) to large markets, you are able to target small ones. For example, the food network, fashion channels etc. Is micro publishing simply narrow genres such as targeted magazine articles for travel or pet owners? Or is it a relatively newer phenomenon in the publishing world?


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