The Truth About Sports Journalism

The words sports and journalism are often associated with one another, but the two can also be thought of as foreign to each other. Journalism has this connotation of facts and news and life-changing events and sports are more thought of as the entertainment industry. Sports journalism transcends these associated definitions and, in a sense, combines reporting and entertaining.

At a cursory glance, one might think what exactly makes sports important to society. And in an answer: nothing. There is nothing about a baseball game that will directly change the world and a touchdown isn’t going to fix a major problem. But there is something magical about sports that is intangible. Kids in the Bronx might not have much good in their lives, but when the Yankees take the field, everything seems to stop for them for about 3 hours. Sports provide hope and distraction and a magical quality about life.

That is the job of the sports journalist. It is not simply to write a recap of a game for the next morning’s paper; that is severely outdated. The sports journalist captures that amazing spectacle, to a degree, and allows the readers to relive something special through words. The sports journalist makes the article almost as interesting as the actual game and has to make the reader feel as if they just experienced the magic of a real live game.


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