2015: Trends to look for in Digital Journalism

I think one of the biggest trends we will start seeing is Micro Journalism. Our attention span in today’s 21st century society has become greatly reduced. This can be seen with sites such as Twitter, Vine, and even Snapchat. We want to see, learn, know things, but not if it takes up an excess of time. Twitter is a Microblog that many news sources utilize, but you only have 140 characters. Snapchat now has ‘Discover’ which are features ‘news’ articles, but the videos will only last you 10 seconds. I believe this says a great deal about our society.


Blogging is a great tool, but today we don’t have the attention span that we used to. We want everything here and now so, “microblogging sites, especially Twitter, are beginning to leave their mark on the news industry…”, as said in Business Insider. Felix Salmon, financial journalist and blogger for Reuters, observes, Twitter has “given journalists a much more human voice…” This is something we, as a society are interested in. We want to know our journalists, but we don’t want to read over 140 characters. We want news reports as soon as they happen, without political bias. We want live tweeting and reporting.

There are even apps coming out that are catering specifically to attention spans, such as News on Demand. Beuth, journalist and the creator of this app, said News On Demand is designed with “the anti-news junkie” in mind: someone who is interested in keeping up with the news, but has neither the time nor the inclination to follow a constant stream of information on news sites or social media.


These are some future trends that are happening and that we can anticipate, and I believe we aren’t going to be seeing he last of these trends. We should keep an eye out for journalism era in the future, especially for the news reader on the go.




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One thought on “2015: Trends to look for in Digital Journalism

  1. alyssabrady February 21, 2015 / 1:52 am

    Our attention has decreased enormously since the 21st century. Readers now become bored within 10 seconds, if something is not entertaining enough for them. As you pointed out, this is why twitter only allows 140 characters, or vines are only six seconds long and Snapchat developed the new “Discover” feature.
    I really do believe that the way journalism and technology are heading, the new way to report will be a lot smaller and a lot faster. Journalists are now interviewing politicians on Snapchat, which has a large audience and informs them quickly.
    It is sad, how our society has an attention span of only a few seconds but we journalists are going to have to learn how to adapt to these changes and we are doing a good job so far. I can only imagine what technologies are going to be invented within the next five, 10 and 15 years.
    Personally, I think blogging will be the new main form of reporting. But in order for a blog to be successful, it must stand out from all the others which is extremely difficult, considering that there are so many.
    I follow a lot of news organizations and reporters on Twitter and it is actually extremely helpful. People are always in a rush in today’s world and always on the go, so it is convenient for them to be scrolling through social media and be able to see the latest breaking news.

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