Are Travel Journalists Turning into Travel Bloggers?

Travel journalism has always been a very lucrative job. Most people think that travel journalists get to travel around the world, all expenses paid and all they have to do is write about their experiences but that is false. Travel journalism is a very competitive market and it is hard to make your work stand out from all the others.

It is currently becoming even harder to be a travel journalist because print publications are failing; there are less places for journalists to publish their work. Some travel journalist have turned to blogs because it is the only place where they can publish their work. Blogging is a new phenomenon that has taken over the 21st century.

Because of the recent decline of jobs for journalists, most journalists are freelancing or publishing their work onto blogs, or some other online website. Newspapers and magazines are slowly going under, which is putting a lot of people out of work. Even though print is becoming extinct, this introduces a whole new world for online publications.

If you can land a solid job with an online publication- wonderful- but a lot of journalists are left struggling with nowhere to publish their work. If you do blogging the right way, you can eventually make a lot of money but this will take a lot of time, experience and patience. In order to be a successful blogger, you must make your blog stand out from all of the other hundreds of blogs on the internet.

Travel writers who work for a publication usually have a larger audience because that publication probably has a large audience. Travel bloggers audience may be a little smaller but the people who are reading your travel blog is because they like YOU. They are on your blog because they like what you are offering.

Your blog should completely represent your personality. Everything about it should be dripping with you and screaming your name. It takes a long time, to create a successful blog but if you work hard enough you could eventually make hundreds and thousands of dollars from your work on your blog. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

No matter who are where you decide to work in the journalism industry, it is always going to require a lot of hard work and dedication. Nothing for a journalist comes easy and we spend most of our time trying to find the perfect fact and source for our stories but it is all worth it in the end, when what we write impacts someone, somewhere.


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