Digital Delivery of News


I had every intention of writing about traditional media in journalism. How traditional media, such as print, still had a place in the 21st Century. Although all the signs indicate newspapers are dying I have reason to believe this is not the case. A big part of this belief is because of UCF’s very own, Joan McCain. Last semester she stated that,

“…There was no way the traditional paper was dying! Warren Buffett would NOT invest in newspapers if they were!”

Yes, Newspapers lost some revenue and are seeing a decline in readership; however, delivery methods are changing in regards to journalism! Digital subscriptions have changed the way the industry works! In 2013 Circulation rose by 5% because of Digital Subscriptions, according to A new era of delivery systems is among us for journalism, and we are only beginning to see the tip of the iceberg. Digital subscriptions and traditional print are going to be a fusion of a wonderful prosperous era; after all,  if Warren Buffett is invested, shouldn’t we be as well?


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