How To Be Published as a Freelance Journalist

With Newspaper and magazines dying, journalists are now having a harder time being published. All publications are slowly switching to the online world but the transition is not that easy to make.

Journalists are lucky if they score a solid job with a successful publication but most journalists are freelancers. Freelancing can be difficult and freelancers tend to face many challenges. They have to come up with their own story pitch, find a publication that wants to run it and will pay you enough for it.

It is definitely not easy being a freelance journalist but gives some great tips for getting jobs while being a freelancer.

“Create a network and continue to build it.” Networking is so important! Networking gets your name out there and the more people you know, the more job opportunities you will have. Getting to know your bosses, people you work with and other freelancers can only help you in the long run. Social media, such as Twitter, offers a wonderful and easy way to network.

“Research potential publications – and their editors.” You should know what kind of a certain publication likes before you pitch a story to them. It is extremely important to know the editor and do your research on him/her before you meet them because the more research you do, the more you know about them and you will make a good impression on them.

“Pitch on subjects other reporters are missing.” Since freelance journalism (or any type of journalism) is a competitive market, you have to have your story stand out from all the others. Create a unique twist to your story, find other facts and details that others have not. You have to dig deeper.

“Pitch more than you can write.” Pitch a lot of stories because editors are probably sick of hearing the same one over again. And pitch stories to more than one editor, this way you will have more opportunities but be prepared for a lot of rejection.

Create an online portfolio.” An online portfolio will help boost your career and give editors and other employers the opportunity to see your work. Make sure your e-portfolio is organized and well put together. 

“Share the wealth.” Share your tips and experience with other fellow freelancers. You never know who you might be needing help from in the future.


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