Inspiration in Everyday


Writers are born writers. My publishing report focuses on journalism, but what inspires journalists is the need to write, in my opinion. One of my friends in High School wrote for the newspaper and she wanted to because, “She couldn’t imagine not writing, and not being creative.” She actually studied digital media in the end, but what she said rang true. Writing is an art. Journalism, is an art.

Yes, journalism is hard hitting evidence. Yes, it’s informative, but people are inspired by what they see around them. They take their voice, and their style, and package it so others want to read about what inspires them. Journalists are inspired by different experiences around the world. My sister was inspired by the freedom of the U.S. My friend was inspired by writing.

I found a blog site that journalists posted to and it had a subtitle of:

“We are journalists. We are proud of what we do. We are tired of bad press about the press. We are trying to be “team players.” We are terrified of more layoffs and paycuts. We would like to produce quality work without ‘obamasux99’ posting some non-sequitur rant at the end of it. We complain because we want things to be better. We would like some respect, [please]. We are journalists.”

Another girl on the website said she wanted to become a journalist because she wanted to “enlightening the unenlightened.” It was a wonderful find on Tumblr on what inspires journalists to be journalists, and what really inspires them to write.


One thought on “Inspiration in Everyday

  1. daydreambeliever95 March 5, 2015 / 10:19 pm

    It is interesting viewing journalism as an art form. Novels, poetry, and screen plays easily come across as a work of expression and creativity. Journalism, on the other hand, is usually viewed as a straight-forward presentation of facts. Of course, much creativity is involved in the process of journalism. The facts have to be portrayed in a relatable, interesting way, often there is a bit of personal opinion involved. I have never thought of journalists as artists, but I would have to agree with you. I really like the idea.


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