Is Entertainment Journalism Really Journalism?

People in today’s society are obsessed with celebrities. It is like celebrities are some fictional, God-like creature that people obsess over. Entertainment journalism covers the newest and hottest news in the celebrity world- covering their love lives, the most luxury cards and homes, parties, awards, fashion, drama, live events and rumors. But is all this really considered journalism? Does it make a difference in our world who Justin Bieber is dating? Does it matter who Katy Perry is wearing at the Grammy’s?

Opinions on this topic tend to vary but entertainment journalism does exist and it is probably one of the most stable journalism jobs in our society, today. Our society cares so much about our celebrities, rather than the war or malnourishment in other countries.

Companies like E! News, Entertainment Tonight and TMZ make millions of dollars a year because celebrities are such a current hot topic but are entertainment journalists really journalists?

A professor I had in one of my journalism classes, told the class that entertainment journalists were not reporters because they wanted to report the news and update their community but because they also wanted to be famous like the people they were interviewing. Entertainment journalists include Giuliana Rancic, Billy Bush and Ryan Seacrest.

Random fact: Ryan Seacrest’s annual salary is $65 million. He probably doesn’t make this much because of his magnificent journalistic abilities but more so because he has become a celebrity over time.

These names are most likely known by most people in today’s society but journalists who cover hard news and non-celebrity related issues, are probably not recognized by name. Some of the stories that these journalists cover, might be important- if the celebrity broke the law- but most of the time the stories don’t affect the world.

In some cases, entertainment journalists are mistreated and laughed at in the journalism world because they are not reporting on hard news. In the defense of entertainment journalists, they do work hard to uncover facts and report stories to their audience. Even though they are reporting for different reasons, about different things, they are still hard working journalists.


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