Magazines and digital media

With everything going digital in today’s technological age it seems only fitting that digital magazines would become the future, but it seems that may not be the case. Out of all print gone digital magazines were left behind. An article in Forbes says the digitization of magazines will most likely have similar results to the podcast, meaning they will not last long with the audiences.

Digital magazines may be a thing of the future but as of right now they are hardly a thing of the present. Forbes writer Ewan Spence says this is because the opportunity was missed, he says, “the vision of a shelf full of digital magazines in a single application is over, and the content is going to be spread out, diffuse, and hard to find. Just as podcasting will never be as cohesive as it once was, the moment when there could have been a universal solution that satisfied publishers, readers, and distributors of digital magazines appears to have been missed.” If it is anything like Spence predicts then magazines will remain mainly a print publication, staying away from the digital world.


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