New World: Journalism Inspiration

My major is not journalism. My heart is in writing but my passion in writing is inclined towards advertising and public relations. I chose to write about publishing in the 21st Century from a journalism standpoint because, originally, I was confused about what I should write. My original topic was writing and publishing for public relations and the way I wrote it didn’t work well for this assignment. I had to completely change my project topic and I talked with my sister and she offered to assist me since she is a journalists and producer for a news station up north. I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me earlier but now I’m writing about publication in journalism in the 21st century.

I wanted to ask her what her inspiration was in becoming a journalist. Growing up I know it’s all she talked about, but I never knew, and never asked, why. She was born in Peru back in the 1979. She always said she hated politics and the government, but that’s something I think most people say once or twice. I never questioned it, but after talking with her I understand why. Growing up for her was completely different than the experience I had growing up. I was raised in a small suburban town in Connecticut and led a pretty sheltered life. My sister was raised in Peru during a time that wasn’t very safe. She told me,

“Growing up we had a curfew set by the government. By the time it was dark, everyone had to be inside. Tanks would go down the street and they would arrest anyone out there. When anyone tried to speak up against the government they would arrest them and beat them up.”


She told me the government back then was corrupt. There were terrorist attacks because the government wasn’t doing anything about it. It was a scary time for her growing up and then she moved to America. People could say anything they wanted and do anything they wanted. She was inspired. Here journalists are allowed to speak their mind, and they’re allowed to talk against the government if she sees something is wrong. Until this project, I have never known what my sister has gone through or realized why she wanted to be a journalist so she inspired me for this project as I was finding out her inspiration in journalism


2 thoughts on “New World: Journalism Inspiration

  1. Allison Miehl February 28, 2015 / 7:46 am

    Your sister’s story is really impactful, and it inspires me as a journalist, even though I’m not planning on writing about politics or government. Every journalist has a duty to his or her readers, not institutions like government or the publications they work for. I think your sister’s story illustrates that perfectly. People talk about the death of journalism, but our profession is written into the 1st Amendment. It will be around in the USA as long as the country exists.


  2. davinadhani March 2, 2015 / 5:56 pm

    Overall this article was thought-provoking. I know I sometimes get sick of the amount of information that is thrown at me everyday, whether it’s political or not. However, it’s important that that information exists and that people have the right to say it, regardless of volume. In a way, it makes me feel grateful.This article also makes me question what prevents perspectives and voices from being heard in America. Legally we have freedom of speech, but we are still censored in social ways. Anyways, it’s interesting to see how you and your sister have such different experiences despite your relationship. I think if your lives had been reversed that would have greatly influenced the types of writers you are now.


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