Print is alive?

It is hard to think that print ads are still alive in today’s technological age, because anything can be put onto the internet. With tumblr, facebook, instagram, twitter, Youtube, etc. always looking to have their ad space bought and it is possible to do so with a few strokes of a keyboard and a click of a mouse. Why try and publish in print? Won’t it be obsolete in a few years anyways? While the prevalence of print is dwindling in comparison to the rise of the technological age, it is easy to think so but there are some aspects of ads in print that cannot and will never be replaced by digital media.





Forbes created a short list that outlines aspects of print that outweigh aspects of digital media. The first and foremost aspect of print that outweighs digital media is it is a physical thing, it can be around for ages but anything online can disappear almost instantly if need be. Forbes claims print publications are more engaging and reference a study that shows “people read digital screen text 20% – 30% slower than printed paper.” So even though everyone is publishing online, print is still a viable option.


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