Satellite Radio: The Future of Radio?

Radio used to be at the forefront of news but over the past few decades, it has lost its popularity. Television, newspapers and magazines had taken over and less and less people started to listen to the radio.

The invention of iPods and other MP3 players also distracted the masses away from radio but is radio now making a comeback? Satellite radio has introduced a new type of radio. Providers like XM and Sirius offer thousands of channels that include music, news and talk shows and have millions of subscribers.

One of the most popular radio talk shows is the Howard Stern show. What makes satellite radio different, is that their is no filter. Stern talks about hundreds of different topics and has guests on his show almost everyday.

With technological advancements from the original radio, satellite radio allows the audience to listen to all the radio stations, anywhere in the world. Listening is also more clear and audible for listeners, instead of hearing that blurry noise when you lose connection.

This platform has offered journalists and reporters to share their news and stories onto the radio and satellite radio does not look like it will be failing anytime in the near future. Many popular news companies have a channel on satellite radio, such as CNN, HLN, CSNBC, BBC, Bloomberg and many more.

With the fall of newspapers and magazines, journalists are coming up with new ways to report the news. Many people are saying that journalism is not needed anymore and is becoming extinct but that is not true at all.

Journalists are quickly adapting to these changes and doing a great job finding new ways to report the news.


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