Self Publication

As I’ve stated in other blogs, the inspiration to this project is my sister. She has always wanted to be a journalist. It was something I was tired of hearing, frankly. She worked in the High School paper, and then she worked in her first college’s newspaper. I would read the articles she wrote, and I probably never really grasped the message. (In my defense there is an age gap and she was showing me complicated articles at the wrong age.)

We were all so proud of her when she graduated but after she wasn’t able to obtain a job in her field, she decided to go back to school because, “that was the only way to get a job in Journalism.” She continued writing though. At first she tried pitching ideas for the company she worked for and then she wrote on a Spanish website that she created.

Her dream was to work for Univision one day and she said she would do whatever it takes to become a well known journalists. She wasn’t interested in being in front of the camera, but she was interested in writing. She mentioned all the different places she went to for a job. Angelica had just wanted to get her foot in the door. But times were tough and no one was hiring, even if she did have her degree and was on the Dean’s List.

She began blogging, and she started becoming better known in Connecticut. A family friend had read her articles and told her to meet her friend, but for pro-bono work. Since Angelica was currently doing that already, she agreed. She freelanced for free for a smaller paper in New York, but a year later a position opened up and since she knew the right people the job was hers.

Self Publication is really becoming the best way for people who have a journalism degree to work on their portfolio’s. I have recently started researching blogging so I can building my own portfolio as well. With the digital era at our fingertips it is hard not to utilize all the tools in front of us.

My sister is studying for another degree in Digital Media and Journalism right now, and works as a producer in a Spanish Radio station up in New York, but one day I believe she will get published on the reporting stations she wanted. As all great journalists,writers, and Christiandom College News states, “Persistence is key in journalism.”


2 thoughts on “Self Publication

  1. Allison Miehl February 28, 2015 / 7:28 am

    I think it’s awesome that you brought up the importance of self-publication for aspiring journalists. As someone who wants to go into food writing, everywhere I’ve read advises to start a food blog before trying to get a job at an actual publication. It really is a great way to built a body of work and keep track of everywhere you’ve been published. Your post is just extra encouragement for me to start my own food blog, so thanks! Haha.


  2. daydreambeliever95 March 5, 2015 / 10:35 pm

    Congratulations to your sister! Really, persistence is key in anything, regardless of what field one pursues. Self-publication does make the process of sharing one’s work much easier, but it does still take a great deal of skill to be successful. Good luck to both of you as you pursue blogging and your careers.


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