We’ve Come to a Standstill

According to statistics on USAToday, E-books account for only 20% of the total book sales market. As of 2013 there was no increase in the e-book sales, it remained the same accounting for 43%.  Many of the publishing companies find this to be a slowdown, as nothing has risen and will likely not rise for the time being. In the article, Mike Shatzkin who is a publishing consultant say, “We’ve just reached a point of natural resistance- there are people who really prefer to read on paper even if it is cheaper, faster, and easier to read on a device.” I know that personally, I am one of those people who prefer paper. I have only read two books on my mobile device and it really isn’t the same feeling as reading a paper book.

These statistics can change by the end of the year, however, for those who do prefer paper books, we need to make sure we are out there supporting those sales. I know that books and e-books can be higher than we would like to pay but there are so many different places where books are sold and if you find the right sales, even Barnes and Noble will sell some books for $3-$5.

While I am all for new technology, I don’t want it to completely erase or take over my preference of reading paper books.




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