Will Children’s Books be all E-books in the Future?

I was lucky enough to come across this NPR  talking about “The Future of Children’s Books”. The two guests that were speaking, Dan Poynter a consultant and publisher for Para Publishing and Roxie Munro a children’s author and illustrator. The host asked both Dan and Roxie where they thought the future of children’s books were heading. Much to my chagrin, both Dan and Roxie felt that ultimately, e-books would become the future. So when asked what she thought the future, even a bleak one, for old-fashioned printed kid’s books was, Roxie responded, ” Well I don’t think they’re dead. But frankly, I think within one generation- maybe 30 years- very few households will have bookshelves and few people will have libraries just like thy collect art or stamps or fine prints… but I don’t think, sadly, that the average house will have a bookshelf in 30 years.” Dan seemed less optimistic about the future of printed books and is all for e-books. Dan Poynter even wrote “The Self- Publishing Manual”. According to Dan, “11 million parents have purchased an e-book, and 19.6 million parents plan to buy and e-book. So the numbers are huge.”

While these two, Dan and Roxie, might feel that the only direction is e-books for the future, I think there are plenty of people who would still enjoy reading a hard copy books and would like their children to do so as well. What do you think?




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