Blogging Trends for 2015

This article is intended to help anybody who publishes their writing online, but is particularly suited for bloggers of all interests. I maintain a beauty blog, primarily as a hobby and also with the goal of improving my writing skills and social media presence. I am also in the early stages of developing a travel blog, so I am always trying to find new ways to improve my content and increase my readership.

The two tips which I find most important here are “Go Mobile or Go Home,” and “Respond – But Stay Positive or Stay Silent.” It’s no secret that any online community or social platform comes with its share of nasty comments. A stranger recently commented on a post on my beauty blog, “advertising” his own Christ-centric blog by blasting the vain contents of my post. After leaving his nasty comments, he even left a link for me to share his blog with other readers! That’s a real-life lesson in how not to grow your blog! He certainly didn’t win me over with his remarks, therefore stunting his own traffic. As for me, I swallowed the urge to call him out on his unkind (and frankly, un-Christlike) comments and deleted the comment without acknowledging it. I preferred to let my own post take center stage.

This article is worth checking out for anyone who frequently shares their writing online. It has plenty of great advice and tips on how to make your blog (or other platforms!) successful and well-liked. These trends should carry on well beyond 2015!


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