Freelancing in food writing

Food is becoming increasingly popular in American society, you can go to Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and search #foodporn and come up with pictures to last for days. You can search the internet and come up with millions of blogs dedicated to food and only food. Food can be written about in many ways, recipes (cookbooks), articles in a newspaper or magazine, food travel writing, critiques, etc. But freelancing, especially for a magazine or newspaper is the optimal job for getting a foot into the door and beginning to network.

Getting a freelancing job in the food writing business is not extremely hard to do. You need a strong and unique piece to set you apart from other writers submitting their writing and you need to fit the establishments needs. Fortunately for writers there are many different options to choose from in the case of what you will be writing and for who. There are many sites online offering freelancing jobs and some even pointing you in the direction of who needs what.


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