The invasion of e-books

With the internet and the switch to digital media over the past few years, life has changed. Instead of reading a newspaper we read it online or as an e-book. Instead of buying a book at the bookstore, you download it on your iPad or Kindle. Rather than buy a textbook for your class, you get the e-textbook version instead. Everything is online, including our literature but what is that doing to us? Unfortunately e-books seem to have put a decline on reading in general.

A study done by the Pew Internet Research Center, although the readership of e-books rose 7% between 2011-2013, the readership of print 5%, and reading in general dropped 3%. What will this mean for readers and writers? Although the amount of reading dropped it is anticipated that the e-book revenue will be around 7 billion dollars, so it is doubtful researchers believe it will drop much more. Will e-books take over the industry?


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