The life of a blogger

Blogging is a tough field to want to get into in today’s age. Going online and searching “blogs” on any search engine will lead you to over 150 million blogs on the internet as of 2013. Being a blogger means spending hours behind the computer and hoping to catch someones eye. That may be hard though because of the abundance of other blogs and bloggers. It is not impossible, but a difficult time to make a career out of blogging unless you work for a company.

A study in 2012 claims that over 80% of bloggers never make more than $100. If you are the lucky 8%, you will make enough to support yourself and your family. Again, it is a slim chance though. If blogging is something anyone is looking to get into, keep in mind the competition. Try to get hired as a blogger for an establishment rather than self-publishing your blog.


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