Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the key ways to get your blog heard.  It may seem simple, but it is actually a more lengthy process than just posting your work.  I don’t really consider myself a blogger or anything, but my sister on the other hand is very good at getting her posts shared through social media.  When originally asking her about how she gets so many people to read her posts, I was astounded.  She told me that self-promotion is only half the battle because, quite frankly, nobody really cares about what you have to say if it isn’t something that is crazy exciting to them.  You need to give them a reason to want to share your work.  I think my sister has found out a pretty good ten step formula here on how to get that done.  It is very indirect, and many people don’t notice that they’re even helping you out.

Step 1: Be on social media a few times a day (I’m sure many of us are already on it too much!)

Step 2: Add as many friends (that you know, not random people) as possible.

Step 3: Check your birthday list of Facebook daily, and wish your friends a happy birthday! They will remember this.

Step 4: Check their other social media accounts, like Instagram, and comment a happy birthday if they’ve posted.

Step 5: Like and comment on anything they post that is semi-interesting. The more they see you, the more they notice you.

Step 6: Share or ReTweet any interesting posts they have.

Step 7: Make a comment about, and tag them in any posts that you think they would find interesting.

Step 8: Post at least every couple of days, not just about what you want people to follow but about everything.

Step 9: Share what you want promoted.

Step 10: Let the friends do the promoting for you.

The biggest point that she made was that you don’t want your friends to follow your few important blog posts every now and then, you want them to follow your life. They will remember you, they will feel closer to you, and they will have the motive, exigence, prompting them to share your hard work!


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